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Forcen  BV, is a new visionary Dutch company based in Amsterdam which was formed by professional project managers and procurement experts.


We  will make things happen with honest and effectively.
Our mainly activities:

​​Constructions and Underwater Constructions 

Project  & Construction Management


Sourcing management

Commercial representation and agency

Deals with intellectual property

We transact mainly at the following products:

Construction Materials & Equipment

Recycling & first raw


Electronic systems and LED Technology


The company starts up  with a background  to providing high level construction services and project management.

We can  manage construction projects such as:
Underwater constuctions
Industrial buildings, Infrastructures, Residential complexes, Buildings, and many more.

Furthermore, we have built up a reliable network of constructors and suppliers and our destination markets are focused in EU  with growing demand in other European and foreigner  countries.

Years ago, the shareholders , started business as constructors, project managers  and physical traders  with quality level of activities.

We have 20 years experience in construction industry as project managers in many projects and more than 10 years in trade sector. 

New skills and alternative strategies are established in 2015  with Forcen B.V. 

We conduct with transparency and  honesty all  of our business dealings.

We conduct and manage  our business only with safety, resposibility and diligence.

We use  the   real and professional procedures  and standards.

We settle  only profitable and sustainable partnerships and  business directions.

We have the experience and the strategy to work with proven rules and techniques, and we can present  the best possible results in our services. 

Furthermore our project and procurement  services are producing  effective and profitable results  and our techniques are geared towards time-efficient, innovative approaches to agreeable contractual.

We  will make things happen with honest and effectively.

we are not afraid to go in solutions beyond the standard and to find new ideas in our sectors .




Wholesale Traders

Financial companies

Project Managers

Contruction companies



With our partnerships we can provide  our  customized solutions and we also help even the most trivial matters of business, creating competitive advantages.

Finally, We deal with companies and individuals who seriously  seek to buy or sell commodities or they want to present proffesional  and trasparent services in  our construction sectors.


Forcen B.V. completed the Underwater Works of the world's biggest PV floating island 6,33 MWp.

Forcen B.V. as subcontractor  and Milonas Underwater Contractors  with professionalism and pride, completed  successfully  the Underwater works of the biggest floating PV island of the world in Queen Elizabeth II  storage Reservoir in greater London area.  The main tasks were the stability of the island with multiple anchoring systems by diving teams, the delivery and connections of the sub-islands  , the delivery and connections of the cables from the shore to the islands.

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Mr. Chris Almasidis, is the founder and CEO of our company.
He was born in Thessaloniki / Greece and studied Civil Engineer at Aristotle University.He is 20 years, full qualified  civil engineer, independent constructor and Project Manager.He was working over the years as an independent technical and commercial advisor  for several entities. He has close interpersonal business cooperation with leading constructors ,manufacturers, producers, exporters, traders and shipping / commercial brokers.
He directed various projects such as underwater engineering  industrial buildings, high-voltage electricity stations, national roads,​infrastructure, building projects.


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